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If the Badge is clicked repeatedly offsite, and then I enter the site that same day, will a Staff Alert or Lockdown be triggered?

Unless the Badge is very near the site (less than ~800 ft), or the Badge enters the site less than 90 seconds after being clicked, clicking offsite will not result in an Alert. The Badge stays active for 90 seconds after being clicked for a Staff Alert or Lockdown,...

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If a User activates a Staff Alert, then sees a more serious threat requiring a Lockdown, can they still activate the Lockdown while their Staff Alert is open?

Yes, the Badge can activate a Lockdown even if a Staff Alert is currently open for that Badge. Click the Badge continuously to initiate a Lockdown, and make sure that you see and hear evidence that the Lockdown is activated (i.e. intercom announcement, strobes flashing and chirping, desktop takeover).

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